Typography & print Roughs

I Started to think about how I want the typography for the title/ headings to look on my designs. I know I want a hand drawn feel to my type as I think that will add I slightly more personal touch to the design. As I found out typography is rather difficult without a stencil or some kind of guide so these are just a few practice examples which I will perhaps further edit a few within photoshop.

My e book pages are going to be photography based on a wooden backdrop so I started to experiment with the idea of type drawn into the flour adding a playful element to the design. They look a bit too simple at the moment so I’ll most probably try using a stencil to help get a crisp and refined type face.

Vegetable prints

Above are some vegetable and fruit prints that I thought might look interesting for the seed paper design. I’m going to further edit them and draw back in to them using Photoshop to get a crisp refined look. I want the seed paper to be eye catching and vibrant, promoting healthy eating.

Cob Oven Build

(Photos by Andy Stevenson published on the Gdes3003 module blog)

Above are a couple of photos (not my own) showing me and my peers taking part in the cob oven build that took place on the allotment site at the University of Worcester. To make cob you have to mix sand and straw, it has been a common building material for millions of years all across the globe.

To make the cob mixture you need 25% clay and 75% sandy gravel. Before applying it to the cob oven build its thrown down onto a mat and mushed up with our boots until it becomes a smooth and even paste.

We then roll a handful up into a ball and build around the dome, making sure not to pat/ mould the mixture too much as it brings water to the surface, this could effect the way the cob oven dries out.


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