Recipe Pages

Above are some existing designs that I found inspiring. I started to look at the way the food is placed to frame the typography, the lighting and also the angles in which the photos are taken.

Below are a couple of blogs that I found helpful to do with food photography…


The sketch above is what inspired me to use photography for the e book pages. I started to find images that inspired me and that were similar to what I had in mind for my own designs. I want a rustic outdoor cooking feel to my images so I started to look at textures, different types of wood and stone for a backdrop.

As i didn’t have any materials that i could use i went to B&Q to look for textured backgrounds. I picked three sample slates that i thought would work well, this also gave me the option to mix and match. I didn’t end up picking any wooden textures because i decided that the rustic looking slates fit with the theme I’m going for much better.

Pizza Page Set Up

Above is the recipe page set up

Below are some process shots of how i created the background for the pizza recipe page. I had a few issues due to lighting and focusing. As i didn’t have any specialist equipment i had to use the natural light and this sometimes worked in my favor or didn’t. Whenever it was cloudy this created a problem for me as the images turned out quite dark but it wasn’t a huge problem as i was going to further edit these images in photoshop.

Adding example Text

photo imple pizza

Above are some test shots, these turned out slightly darker than expected. I tried to see what I could do in Photoshop to make the image that bit better whilst also experimenting a bit with the typography to get a rough feel for how the design might look.

2nd Recipe Page


Above Cheesy Bread and Roast Lamb Recipe Page Set up

Above is the background photography for the 2nd recipe page. I wanted this page to be quite minimal as i wasn’t going to have much room on the page having two recipes on it. So i picked out elements like the flour, cheese and herbs that would be included in the ingredients, subtly linking the two together.

Front and Back Cover

I decided to go with the sketch i talked about earlier in this post so i ordered a pizza peal for the shot of the front cover. When i ordered it the color was very light as shown in image 3. I wanted a much darker/warmer wood color to go with the rustic slate backgrounds so i bought a small pot of wood stain and painted the pizza peal. I felt this color worked much nicer and would bring the pizza into focus more.


Making The Pizza!

I followed the pizza recipe that i’m using on my pizza recipe page, this gave me the good opportunity to see whether the dough bakes nicely, and it did! Below are photos i took of the process.

Front and Back Page Photos

In these photos i was playing around with layout for the front and back pages thinking about where the text would be placed in relation to the the pizza.


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