Seed Paper Development

Above are examples of seed paper sizes for a 7 x 7 inch box ( I mistakenly wrote 5 x 5in on the images). I’ve edited my paper design onto an existing photo of a pizza box to help give me an idea of size. I decided that i liked the 2nd measurement better which is 4inches across as I felt that it was a nicer balance between the paper and the box. I also looked into the color of the box, I’ve decided to go with the brown as it gives off an organic feel.

Above are the development stages for the seed paper design that is to go around the pizza box. I started out experimenting with type layouts and background color. I decided that the black was too intense and not as sustainable as the white because more ink would have to be used. The images show the subtle changes between type faces/ sizes and text positioning.  I printed each page out to see in person whether the layout worked and by doing this I made the decision to expand the width of the seed paper from 3 inches to 4 inches because the design didn’t look big enough. I managed to final it down to two designs which are displayed in the first image. I think that the information displayed at the bottom is neater and much easier to read on 2 lines rather than 3 or 4 with different lengths. I’ve also highlighted that the seed paper contains basil seeds, this is so it stands out amongst the text as it’s an important part of the design. I’ve highlighted the word basil in green and also by changing the font. The slogan has two designs, both with the same font all but for one word regrow. Placing the word regrow in a different font to the rest of the slogan adds a fun element to the design but it also makes the word regrow look separate. This isn’t what i want because the slogan represents the important stages the packaging goes through and all stages are just as important as each other. I think the second design shows this and therefore is my chosen layout.


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