Final Artifact With Applied Art Work

Above is my final artifact with the seed paper design.

I took a visit to the Worcester Resources Exchange shop which is now newly located at Blackpole Unit F9, Blackpole East, Worcester, WR3 8GS . The shop definitely took some finding and once found i bought myself some card to use to make my pizza box. I decided to make my own box as i couldn’t find blank ones to use and also ordering a pizza box wasn’t an option because i would have to buy in bulk which would leave me with 100 pizza boxes! Therefore making it was the best idea and also i had the option to choose the measurements.

The box would be made out of recycled, bio degradable materials and the paper sleeve would be embedded with basil seeds. To represent this i’ve added seed like dots to the design. The vibrant illustrations brighten up and add life to the design, the text is also legible (but did bleed a little when printed which i couldn’t help) it promotes healthy eating and sustainability whilst creating a nice link between using the cob oven and the allotment.

The inside information is displayed in 3 simple easy step by step instructions. I’ve added this information as a mock up, this would be printed onto the inside of the packing.


  • Sustainable
  • 100% recyclable and bio degradable
  • Works within a closed loop cycle
  • Students are able to grow their own basil once finished with the packaging
  • 0% waste
  • Environmentally friendly, no pollution, not harmful to wildlife
  • The design is fun and vibrant
  • Promotes healthy eating and links to the allotments food growing role

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