Final eBook Pages

Above are my final e book designs. The only changes i made were the line spacing because the ingredients sections were a little hard to read being so close together. I’ve kept a link throughout the pages by using photography and the same type faces in a handwritten style font that adds a personal touch. I wanted the designs to look fresh and vibrant as i was inspired by the food photography i looked at within my research, whilst creating a link to outdoor cooking using a cob oven. I did this by buying different types of slate to add a rustic feel to the design, i think this worked well and created a nice backdrop to my images. The front cover conveys someone who has freshly baked their pizza in the cob oven and i’ve positioned it to look as thought the audience is being offered the pizza making it more inviting. The back is an aftermath of the front and shows the remaining few pizza slices after it has been eaten by one or many people. The photography and text work together creating an element of play. I’ve designed the imagery to work around the text, drawing your eyes in and creating an even balance between the two.


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